About IKON

We’ve been listening to our customers

Anyone who’s ever picked up a newspaper or visited a news website will know of the life and death struggle affecting the modern high-street retailer. The rise in online shopping has been matched so far by the decline of bricks and mortar stores, with the traditional shops seeing sales and profits on a steady downward trajectory. Some of the UK’s most popular retailers are losing their value through unfair competition and frankly absurd (not to mention unsustainable) loss-leaders, while consumers are more switched on than ever when it comes to an online bargain. We know these factors have made life difficult for our customers, so at IKON, we are making it our mission to diversify in these ever challenging conditions. We believe the fight is far from over.

IKON International introduce the growyourhydroponics.business concept.

We’ve looked at what’s wrong with the industry, we’ve listened to our customers, and we’re introducing the measures essential to protect both retailers and consumers. Our masterplan began life in 2012, when we started to overhaul our inventory. We have analysed and streamlined our ranges to those which offer you, the retailer, the maximum possible profit, all the while giving your customers the best possible value. We’ve researched and introduced ready-made, proven-profitable lines which can replace your failing lines and help turn your business around.

This is our vision, join us, and see how we can help you growyourhydroponics.business.

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