Gorilla Grow Tents – Designed by California Growers

I wish they all could be Californian … grow tents?

For people who like to pimp their grow tents, there’s only one name worth considering – and that name is “Gorilla”: the latest addition to IKON’s premium range.

We’re such big fans of Gorilla we’ve spent the last two years round the negotiating table, like a team of Charlie Sheens in Wall Street, itching to get an exclusive UK distribution deal. And we’re immensely proud / chuffed to announce that IKON does now indeed have the EXCLUSIVE distribution rights for these amazingly well designed, robust, and super sexy grow tents!

What’s the big deal?

“What’s the big deal!?” you ask? Haven’t you been listening? Before the design process even began, Gorilla’s mad geniuses had one main objective in mind: “let’s create THE dream grow tent, the numero uno, a design that will completely redefine what it means to grow in a tent”!

You might be surprised to learn Gorilla Grow Tents have previously been available in the UK, but for some inexplicable reason not every store has heard of them. At IKON we thought it would be borderline criminal not to share the love and offer such a fantastic range of premium tents with the UK grow scene. So we have!


Hang your lights, your filter (as big as you can handle, bishop!), your fans and any other accessory you can possibly think of from Gorilla’s super strong tent poles. Want to see just how robust the frame is? Look at the image on their website which shows three people hanging off them at once (and these guys aren’t all twiglet-limbed half-pinters – just take a look at the picture)!

Reliable and durable

Through painful experience most growers will be aware the first thing to go on any grow tent is usually the zip, which is why Gorilla has paid particular care and attention to this area. Their zips are of the highest quality and will not break easily. The second thing to go is the stitching – not so with our friends at Gorilla! Their stitching is reinforced in key stress areas and in the corners. Thirdly, the fabric of Gorilla Grow Tents is made with 1680D threaded, reflective fabric, which is three to nine times denser than any other grow tent. This triple dose of awesomeness means your Gorilla Grow Tent should give you years of uninterrupted growing pleasure!


Gorilla provide all the usual grow tent features, with plenty of super strong ventilation and access points, but the jewel in the crown has to be their two foot extension kits; allowing you to add 24 inches to the height of your tent. And another Brucie bonus is their infra-red blocking roof lining – an impressive detail to help prevent your crop overheating!

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