Hacienda Heavy Duty Segmental Timer

Let there be light

Light is the most important element for plant growth. To state the obvious, if the sun didn’t rise, life itself would simply cease to exist. But plants need both light and darkness – sometimes in quite precise measures – so if your grow room light doesn’t switch on, or fails to switch off, you can open up a real can of worms.

“Damn. Did I turn off the lights?”

We’re not surprised to hear from our stores that many customers still control their light cycles manually – after all, plenty of people remain stubbornly resistant to change. But we are a little confused. Why take the risk when it’s so cheap and easy to invest in a timer (and don’t you people ever go on holiday)? Perhaps you’re one of those conscientious types who always remembers to switch their lights on and off at specific times. But for every one of us who’s “on it” there are plenty who’ll fall asleep on the sofa and forget. And forgetting can cause serious problems – having a good regular light cycle that doesn’t differ from day to day is hugely beneficial for your plants. Getting your lighting wrong at key times during your plants’ vegetative and flowering cycles can really mess things up.

Fortunately there’s a simple solution – the Hacienda Heavy Duty Segmental Timer.

We’d encourage all retailers to recommend this inexpensive grow room light controller – and all punters to snap one of them up ASAP if you haven’t already. It costs less than the price of a round of drinks you could save an entire room of crops.

A simple solution…

Cheap and a doddle to install, say goodbye to those tedious trips to the light switch! Sleep peacefully with a fully automated light cycle! The Hacienda Heavy Duty Segmental Timer is a plug and play timer designed to be used with a high powered lighting set up (ballasts of 600W). This durable 24-hour timer, operating in 15-minute segments, can withstand even the toughest of conditions and was

  • Use with 1 x 600w Ballast
  • Compatible with both magnetic and digital ballasts
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • 24-hour timer, 15-minute segments