Help give a child their first seaside holiday

The Jam Butty holiday camp was started in 1926, and it’s primary function is to give children in the Manchester and Salford area a free “holiday” at their dormitory buildings in Prestatyn. Whilst the charity has provided the use of it’s dorms to more than 80 primary schools in the area, in 2015, due to government cuts, the charity was forced to find alternative funding – and that’s why we’re writing this blog today.

The charity has helped thousands of children who would otherwise not be able to afford the experience of one of life’s simple pleasures, and now that they are relying heavily on private donations, IKON are pleased to weigh in by reaching out to you, in order to try and further prolong the charities existence.

IKON company director, Jim Livingstone has a special place in his heart for the charity, having been taken to Prestatyn himself as a child…

“I have many fond childhood memories of my times at Prestatyn, thanks to the Jam Butty project I was able to enjoy a holiday by what was at the time my only means of leaving Salford.”

Jim has been an avid campaigner for the Jam Butty project, and has seen the need for the charity increase in recent years since the introduction of austerity and the increase in child poverty in the region…

“Many of us take holidays for granted, and although it’s not a trip to Europe, or the Bahamas, some of these kids will never have left their local area, so to see a place like Prestatyn, the seaside and all the other things the area has to offer for the first time, is a real boost for all the children involved.”

Jim has arranged several events to help raise money for the Jam Butty camp, but the project needs constant support, so please read on to see how you can contribute.

• Donate something for us to give away at one of our auctions of raffles – contact IKON
• Donate via their “PayPal Money Pool” page click here
Donate through IKON, and we’ll pass the money on – contact IKON
• Attend our Bob Marley tribute act event in June  See facebook ad

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Or if you have any other ideas, please do contact us how can you help?