IdroLab Hydroponics

Italy might be more renowned for its pizza, but Italian company IdroLab is making a big splash in the world of hydroponics. The IdroLab RDWC range is an exciting new hydroponics system that should have growers licking their lips.

If IdroLab’s innovative Recirculating Deep Water Culture system (RDWC) isn’t already on your radar maybe it’s time to get a new radar. For the uninitiated, the major difference between IdroLab’s RDWC and a typical Flood and Drain system is this: Flood and Drain, as the name helpfully suggests, periodically floods and drains your pots with nutrient solution. IdroLab continually circulates the solution, creating a constant supply to your plants’ roots.


Why? Because constant circulation infuses the nutrients in your solution with dissolved oxygen, which in turn is in constant contact with your root system. Not only will your plants absorb more oxygen, but this action helps create uniform pH, EC and temperature levels – all of which are key to maximizing your plants’ growth potential.

Who, where, when?

IdroLab launched in Italy in 2016, and have quickly established a reputation for being designers of high quality and high performance systems. The RDWC range is currently available in the UK from IKON in the “Large” configuration. (“Original” models will be available to order, but with a 28 day lead time). There’s not a huge difference between these two configurations – the only point of variance being that the “Large” system comes with longer irrigation piping to increase the spacing between the plant pots.


As you might expect from Italians, the system has been meticulously designed, with all manner of fine details other manufacturers should take note of immediately. Here are some of its awesome features:

Amazing Bubblers (“Air Ring”)

In most flood and drain systems water is oxygenated in the tank, but with IdroLab, the nutrient solution is oxygenated in both the epicentre (aka “the brain” in some systems) AND in each individual pot. The pumps and pipework to run the oxygenation are included. And these are no ordinary bubblers either – just take a look at the video below to see the amount of air that gets pushed into the root zone (only really rivalled by the legendary Brummie Bubbler). The epicentre, which sits between the pots and the tank, comes supplied with an Oxygen Diffuser – a kind of Bubbler on steroids, greatly increasing the volume of dissolved oxygen in your solution.


Rubber Grommets

It’s the little details in a product’s design that sometimes best show you’re in the hands of a true master. One such flourish will please anyone who’s owned a multipot recirculating system and experienced kicking a pot, accidentally causing a leak all over the grow room floor. IdroLab’s system comes with innovative rubber grommets that go between the irrigation pipes and the pots, meaning even the clumsiest grower can kiss annoying spills and leaks goodbye!

Nutrient Chiller Included

Each system comes with a nutrient chiller as standard – something we’d highly recommended anyway, especially with this summer proving to be something of a scorcher so far. The importance of keeping nutrients at the right temperature in summer climes has been criminally overlooked in the past. When the temperature rises, oxygen levels drop, leading to a decrease in nutrient uptake, poorer growth, greater risk of disease, and possible algae in your nutrient tank! No-one wants that.

Modular & Expandable

This is an extremely flexible, “plug & play” system sold in configurations from two x two right up to four x eight pots, but easily scalable / expandable. The pots, pump and Epicenter is provided but you do have to bring your own separate reservoir to the party (sold separately by IdroLab).


Also included and worth noting is IdroLab’s inline filters, which not only help keep the water flowing smoothly but can easily be opened, washed and replaced.

That’s not all…

It’s really worth visiting the manufacturer’s website, where you’ll find loads more in-depth information and videos about IdroLab.

Other useful info:

  • Each Pot / Volume: 42 litres
  • Plant Spacing Original (Original Configuration): 55cm
  • Plant Spacing Large (Large Configuration): 75cm
  • Netpot: 15cm (6 inch)
  • Water Pump: Included
  • Air Pump: Included
  • Oxygen Diffuser: Included
  • Air Bubblers (Air Ring): Included