Introducing Nobel commercial 1000w lighting

Introducing our new commercial-grade 1000w lighting fixture manufactured by Nobel Lighting, designed to perform and built to last !
Industry-standard features such as adjustable output, lamp soft-start and soft-dimming are built-in but the Nobel 1000w DE also features an innovative, adjustable-angle shade and a horizontally-mounted ballast which reduces the overall height of the unit.

Supplied ready to use with a high output 1000w HPS lamp the fixture also offers the ability to run newly-released 630w and 945w double-ended CMH lamps if required. ( Never run CMH lamps at any other wattage than is specified on the lamp )
Power can be set at 630w / 690w / 825w / 945w / 1000w / 1150w depending on your requirements.

Full product details – Link