New Red Scorpion Heavy-Duty Filters

Strong Foundations

Trust is crucial when it comes to carbon filters, bad experiences are not easy to forget and a poorly designed or badly made filter can cause all sorts of issues.

Since 2014 Red Scorpion Filters from Ikon International have been the first choice for growers looking for a reliable, well-built and great value carbon filter they can trust.

Size Matters

In large grow setups bigger is better – Oversized fans can be run at a lower speed leading to less noise plus oversized filters offer increased scrubbing capacity compared to standard filters.

Red Scorpion developed their new heavy-duty 80mm filter for growers who need the extra capacity and extra piece of mind in these larger situations.

Fan Club

These days fan performance is increasing all the time, higher air flows and higher pressures are putting filters under much more pressure and in some cases they can’t cope. If the carbon isn’t up to scratch or the build quality is lacking odours can very easily find their way past the filter.

No compromise

All that extra carbon is heavy ! If you’re looking for a lightweight filter range you should check out the full range of sizes available in the regular Red Scorpion filter range.

Anything else ?

Red Scorpion 80mm filters are available now in three sizes; 250mm x 600mm, 250mm x 1000mm & 315mm x 1200mm supporting airflows of up to 6850 m3/h.