Proactive All-In-One

Do you take two, four or even five bottles into the grow room? Not me, I just want to wash and go. Alright, maybe “bloom and grow”. And if you’re in the market for growth and bloom base nutrients then you’re going to need to stop what you’re doing and check out this (relatively) new kid on the block; All-in-One from Jeff Winterborne’s ProActive range of professional nutrients. Say goodbye to Grow A and B, Bloom A and B, and Micro. We’re talking one – yes, one bottle – to meet all your grow and bloom nutrient needs.

But where is the Calcium?

Lots of people have been asking this. Of course calcium is important for plant growth, but there is plenty of residual calcium in your tap water supply to keep your plants nice and healthy (typically up to 100mg per litre and anywhere up to 300mg in hard water areas). The only instance in which you may need to add calcium to your nutrient mixture is if you live in a particularly soft water area or you’re using reverse osmosis filtered water. In any case, after trialling ProActive nutrients for three years, we have yet to hear of a calcium deficiency when using All-in-One. But if you are one of those rare birds with a calcium issue why not give ProActive’s Self Defence a go? You’ll find CaO in huge quantities (12.5%) in addition to a full suite of enzymes.

Is it expensive?

We compared All-in-One to other similar products in the industry, and the cost per litre is much less expensive. The main reason for this is ProActive’s sheer strength in concentration. Depending on what growing media you are using, the concentration of All-in-One can give you 2000 litres of feed from one 1 litre bottle.

Are there any downsides?

Every suit of armour has a chink somewhere, doesn’t it? Super concentrated nutrients like All-in-One are relatively new to the industry (there are others but generally their nutrients are extremely thick, and impossible to get into a pipette – not a problem that affects All-in-One). If there’s an issue it’s when the grower needs to work in small quantities, specifically in the instance of soil systems, when you absolutely have to ensure your measuring is accurate. With less concentrated nutrients you have a little leeway when it comes to measuring, however with All-in-One, growers have found that if you are not careful in the measuring stage, you could end up affecting your pH and your EC in unexpected ways.

Where can I get some?

All-in-One in available exclusively from a range of selected stores. To see their stockist list, visit their website…