Trolmaster finally available in UK

Trolmaster combine simplicity with cutting edge innovation to produce a range of controllers that are easy to use and fantastic value. More details below;

Hydro-X is a fully customisable grow controller that can control virtually every aspect of your growing environment. By adding different modules it’s possible to program the Hydro-X to control devices such as heaters, AC units, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, CO2 regulators, compatible lighting and more.

Hydro-X can be connected to the internet for real-time data monitoring and viewing historical climate data via a clever smartphone app. It is also possible to connect a Trolmaster CO2 sensor plus water and smoke detectors which will send instant alerts to your smartphone in the event of a leak or a fire.

The Beta series is a range of easy to use standalone controllers for ventilation devices, heating and cooling devices, humidity devices and CO2 devices.

Hawkeye is a new generation of climate monitor and data-logger.

It displays real-time climate data and also has the ability to record temperature, humidity and CO2 data and store the information on a micro SD card for later analysis. Alternatively it can be connected to the internet to view live and historical climate data via a secure smartphone app.

Supplied with 3-in-1 sensor ( Temperature, Humidity & CO2 ) which is equipped with a photocell for day / night readings.

Trolmaster CO2 generators are reliable, easy to use and great value. The CG series of CO2 Generators all offer the same safety and features and are available in both Liquid Propane (LP) and Natural Gas (NG) configurations.

They have a range of sizes to suit all needs which can be controlled using the plug and play Beta-8 controller or Hydro-X.

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