Advanced Star

Another high-value product line distributed by IKON International

IKON International have been distributing Advanced Star products since 2014. This line of ventilation products offers both quality and value, and has become increasingly popular in the UK hydroponics market.

We found that hydroponic retailers around the country demanded high-quality entry level ventilation products with a brand name. The market is awash with inferior low-quality products which you can’t trace back to the manufacturer. Advanced Star offer low-priced, quality-controlled ventilation products with a reasonable warranty – meaning retailers and growers alike can share a positive purchasing experience.

Top selling products

  1. Eco 4” Duct Fan

  2. 6” Clip Fan

Full Product List

  • ECO Duct Fan 100mm/4″ (150m3/hr)
  • ECO Duct Fan 125mm/5″ (210m3/hr)
  • ECO Duct Fan 150mm/6″ (260m3/hr)
  • 6″ Clip Fan – Ideal for Grow Tents


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