A simple yet innovative dual core irrigation tube

IKON International have been distributing Iceline since 2014. Iceline is a simple yet innovative dual core irrigation tubing that has a noticeable effect on nutrient solution temperature. A typical irrigation tube is conventionally black in colour, which attracts light and raises the temperature of the solution within the tube – a problem renowned for causing problems such as root rot and other root born plant diseases. These problems can be averted by using Iceline’s irrigation tubing. The simple but inventive switch to using a white outer coating reflects light, thereby reducing heat transference to your solution within the irrigation tube.

Developed and manufactured in the UK by H.I.D.

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  • Reduced the potential of root disease
  • Reduces root stress
  • Provides more stable pH and EC
  • Increased dissolved oxygen content

Sold in:

  • 4mm x 1.5metres
  • 4mm x 30metres
  • 12.5mm x 30metres
  • 19mm x 30metres


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