The originators of dual-core irrigation pipe

IKON International are proud to support the originators of dual-core hydroponic irrigation pipe. Icetube was developed in 2014 and was previously sold under the name Iceline. It is still produced to the highest standards here in the UK, only the name has changed.

Icetube is one of those rare products that makes perfect sense with little explanation and has a noticeable effect. Traditionally irrigation pipe is black in colour, this absorbs heat and raises the temperature of the nutrient solution inside – leading to an increased risk of problems such as root rot and Pythium. By making the switch to Icetube growers can avoid these problems, here’s how it works; The dual-core design incorporates a white outer layer and a black inner layer, the white reflects heat and prevents the nutrient solution from heating up while the black inner layer protects from potentially harmful UV rays.

Growers have reported temperature drops of up to 10% or 3 degrees Celsius just by switching to Icetube.

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  • Reduces the potential for root disease
  • Reduces root stress
  • Provides more stable pH and EC
  • Increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the nutrient solution

Sold in:

  • 4mm x 30 metres
  • 12.5mm x 30 metres
  • 19mm x 30 metres
  • 25mm x 30 metres


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