Another high-value product line distributed by IKON International

IKON International have been distributing the increasingly popular ProStar product range since 2014 – a line of lighting products that offers both great value and high quality.

The hydroponics market has been flooded with substandard products which little to no recourse to the manufacturer if the product breaks down or otherwise fails to provide consumer satisfaction. Hydroponic retailers in the UK have been telling us they want high-quality entry level lighting products with a brand name. ProStar provides inexpensive, quality-controlled lighting products that come with a sensible warranty, resulting in a more pleasurable sales experience for both retailers and growers alike.

Top selling product

  1. 125w Blue CFL

Full Product List

  • PROSTAR CFL BULB Red 125w – 5u (2100k)
  • PROSTAR CFL BULB Blue 125w – 5u (6400k)
  • PROSTAR CFL BULB Red 200w – 8u (2100k)
  • PROSTAR CFL BULB Blue 200w – 8u (6400k)
  • PROSTAR CFL BULB Red 300w – 8u (2100k)
  • PROSTAR CFL BULB Blue 300w – 8u (6400k)


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