The Cropter has landed !

Meet Cropter – The world’s most versatile LED grow light


Cropter is the first LED grow light equipped with fully adjustable spectral tuning and light distribution capabilities. By allowing you to fine-tune crucial lighting parameters, Cropter expands your ability to influence outcomes, providing a completely customized experience that puts you in control of cultivation.


With Cropter, the future of lighting is yours today !

Adjustable light spectrum & Intensity
The average grow light offers a minimal amount of lighting adjustability, if any. Cropter, on the other hand, is anything but average. Its integrated control panel allows you to fine-tune the spectrum and intensity of light via three LED channels. In addition to increasing yields and crop quality, this capability can be used to trigger specific processes within plants to bring out desired attributes.


Adjustable light distribution
It’s natural for plants to compete for sunlight, but with Cropter’s adjustable light distribution capabilities, yours won’t have to. Each of the unit’s four lights are mounted on adjustable arms which can be extended as needed to maximize and tune your coverage. This patent pending design ensures that not some but all of your plants get the light they need to thrive.


Optimised efficiency and effectiveness
Everyone knows LEDs are highly efficient, but why just save money when you can also maximize the yield and quality of your crops? With Cropter’s tunability, you can make responsive adjustments to ensure the most efficient and effective lighting possible. By increasing illumination when plants are primed for light absorption and decreasing it during rest cycles, Cropter minimizes energy usage while maximizing your profits.


Innovative Integration
While each unit can be adjusted manually, the true power of Cropter happens when you integrate it with the Cropter Control HUB. By logging into the HUB’s server with any computer or smart device, you gain access to its built-in software. This powerful console allows you to program various “light recipes” (customized mixes of spectrum and intensity) and schedule them to run at specific times of day, and on a calendar schedule. Even better, each HUB can control hundreds of Cropters at once, automating all your light needs.


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