Hacienda 600w Dual Spectrum Lamp

HID Dual Spectrum Lamp


The Hacienda 600w Dual Spectrum Lamp is unique to IKON International. This lamp has been specifically developed by industry experts for use in horticulture and designed to deliver maximum yield. The Hacienda 600w Dual Spectrum Lamp features extra blues and reds to help with both the grow and bloom stages of your crop, additional UV for finishing and ripening, and excellent levels of PAR required for fruiting and flowering.


Technical Specifications

• 600W
• Dual Spectrum
• Compatible for use with both digital & magnetic ballasts

Additional Information

• High light transmission using optical coatings
• High quality build
• Designed to give light output uniformity
• Reinforced electrodes for longer life
• High quality blended light output
• Low colour shift over
• Higher internal UV Content


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