Hacienda Cool Pipe Reflector


The Hacienda Cool Pipe Reflector is unique to IKON International. The ever popular Hacienda Cool Pipe Reflector is vying to be the UK’s most popular domestic air-cooled hydroponics lighting reflector, and is designed for use with 250w, 400w, and 600w HID Lighting Ballasts. Hacienda is one of IKON’s premium brands of lighting products, and the Hacienda Cool Pipe Reflector is the perfect accompaniment to any lighting kit where a cooler room temperature is required.


Available Models:


•  Hacienda 5 inch Cool Pipe
•  Hacienda 6 inch Cool Pipe

Additional Information:


• Compatible with 6 inch aluminium or combi ducting
• Supplied with E40 lamp holder
• Supplied with cable and connector
• Manufactured from high quality reflective hammered aluminium


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