Kind LED K3 Series

LED Grow Lights

The Kind range of LED Grow Lights is unique to IKON International in the United Kingdom. After years of research and development, the team at Kind LEDs developed the K3 & K5 Series LED Grow Lights. These light fixtures are the culmination of all their hard work and dedication, and are nothing less than works of art. The K3 series LED grow lights are comprised of high powered 3 Watt Light Emitting Diodes featuring a proprietary intensified spectrum designed for flowering large yields.

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Available Models:


• K3 Series L300 LED Grow Light
• K3 Series L450 LED Grow Light
• K3 Series L600 LED Grow Light

Additional Information:


• L300 (300w HID wattage equivalent)
• L450 (450w HID wattage equivalent)
• L600 (600w HID wattage equivalent)


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