Megapot Multipot

Designed & Manufactured in the UK

4 pot 16 litres gravity fed system made for growers who like shorter plant cycle lengths.


The Multi-Pot is an easy to use gravity fed system that uses just 1 valve to feed 4 plants.


Easy to set up! – only 1 valve
Perfect layout for 4 x 16L pots
Pots are raised just 10mm off the ground for maximum headroom
Can be modular for larger spaces
Can be used with air curtains


Gravity fed no electricity needed!
Designed for fabric pots!
½” Icetube reflective pipe with black inner core to reduce temperatures and stop light penetration!
Mega-Valve with a massive 10mm inlet hole to prevent any blockages!
10mm raised base with channels specifically designed to grip air curtains!
Allows nutrients to be oxygenated at all times and gives the plant a boost!
Scalable from a single Multipot system to 100’s of modules!
Circular design allows for the plant to be turned!
Tapered side walls allow for complete root pruning!
Designed & Manufactured in the UK


80cm x 80cm x 12.5cm


Mega Pot Logo Megapot Base 1200x600 Multipot Base - 1200x600