PAR+ 550w LED

Designed & Built in the UK


PAR+ horticulture products feature the latest high efficiency Samsung LM301B and Osram Leds, top of the range Meanwell dimmable drivers and are waterproof and modular in design. Only the PAR+ boards offer such an extensive range of features.

With a mixture of 3500k and 660nm ( Deep red ) leds. Our PAR+ horticulture boards offer a finely tuned, enhanced full spectrum lighting solution. Fully CE certified.


Technical Specifications

• No assembly required on this product
• Built-in dimmer ( Max power = 550w Minimum power = 50w )
• 1152 Samsung LM301H/b leds + 24x Osram deep red leds total
• 288 Samsung LM301H/b leds + 6x Osram deep red leds per board
• 3396K 86CRI
• High quality passive heatsink for excellent thermal performance and silent operation.
• Water proof design ( IP65 )
• Modular design, all Par+ light engines connect together for easy, future upgrades.
• High efficiency Meanwell XLG dimmable driver with dimming knob for easy use.
• Lower heat output than the traditional HPS equivalent.
• Full spectrum enhanced lighting.
• Hang at 18-24″ in veg and 14-18″ in flower. We recommend dimming the light to start with.



40w – 275w ( Dimmable ) ( x2 )

Board efficiency @ 2.5a

2.7 µMol/j

System efficiency

2.3 µMol/j


185mm ( W ) x 350mm ( L ) x 80mm ( H ) including driver ( x2 )


Up to 2m x 2m
Can be rearranged in any shape you like, please see in instruction manual for details.



Additional Information

• Passive cooling
• No fans or moving parts
• 3 year warranty


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