Pro XL Organic – Bio Element Boost

Complete & Concentrated

If the soil does not have enough micro-elements, it is difficult for the plant to completely absorb the nutrients administered.

The best and easiest solution to this habitual deficit is to add on a regular basis (once a week) BIO ELEMENT BOOST, a mixture of essential Bio-stimulants.

Add 1 ml per liter of water, once a week to the tank.

Contains: Boron (B): 0.28%, Iron (Fe): 2.75%, Zinc (Zn): 1.35%, Manganese (MN): 0.6%, Copper (Cu): 0.85 %, Magnesium (Mg): 0.85%, Sulfur (S): 0.85%, Potassium (K): 4.3%, organic elements: 16.9%.

NPK: 0-0-4


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