Proactive PKB


A professional fertiliser to be used during blooming, PKB 16/21 contains phosphorus and potassium which are essential constituents of proteins. Their enzymatic role will enhance photosynthesis, ensure water regulation and have a significant effect during the blooming stage when plants need them the most.


Proactive PKB 16/21 is complemented with Boron in a selected and pure form to ensure maximum crop quality, by improving the transportation of sugars within the plant. Boron also plays an important role in healthy cell division and cell wall strength, leading to a stronger, healthier plant overall.


The selected ratio of 16/21 is formulated to respond to the overall plants’ requirements at the end of bloom phase, transition phase and ripening phase, and is designed to work alongside ProActive’s All-in-One base nutrient.


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N:0.0 | P:16.0 | K:21.0 | B:0.5



• 0.5ml to 1ml per litre – see feed charts
• 1 Ltr makes from 1000 Ltr to 2000 Ltr
• Add to the reservoir 3 weeks before harvest


• Reservoir



N – 0.0% | P2O5 – 16% | K2O – 21% | B – 0.5%


Storage Conditions

• Min. 0 °C / max. +35 °C