Red Scorpion 80mm Filters

Heavy Duty Carbon Filters


Like the standard filter range Red Scorpion 80mm Filters are manufactured using only the finest Australian mined carbon but come with an extra large carbon bed. Please note your fan speed will be reduced more than when using a regular filter due to the thickness of the carbon bed.

The Red Scorpion also comes supplied with a free extra pre-filter, further improving durability.


Available Sizes

• 250mm x 600mm // 10″ x 24″ // 2875 m3/h
• 250mm x 1000mm // 10″ x 39.5″ // 4785 m3/h
• 315mm x 1200mm // 12″ x 47″ // 6850 m3/h

Additional Information

• Manufactured from anodised aluminium
• 80mm carbon bed
• Minimal pressure drop
• Pre-filter sock included x 2
• Vibration-plate filled
• Cleaned & sealed