Uvonair Corona Discharge

Inline Ozone Generator


The Uvonair Corona Discharge range of Inline Ozone Generators is unique to IKON International in the United Kingdom. The veteran name in ozone generators, Uvonair have been serving the hydroponics industry for more than 15 years, and are hailed as the world’s most reliable and maintenance free inline ozone generators. The Uvonair safely alters the molecular structure of offensive microorganisms to eliminate odour.

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Available Models

• UV-80H for rooms up to 50 to 300m3 (8″ duct)
• CD-800 for rooms up to 600m3 (8″ duct)
• CD-1000 for rooms up to 600m3 (10″ duct)
• CD-1200 for rooms up to 3000m3 (12″ duct)

Additional Information

• USA designed and manufactured
• Eliminates odours
• Adjustable
• Maintenance free


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