Vitamix Pro 50ltr

Our own premium soil blend


VITAPRO MIX is a special mix designed for today’s grower wanting to achieve high yielding top quality crops with the minimum of fuss but with maximum control. Our entry level, however still high quality soil has a perfectly balanced fibre structure utilising top quality peat and screened sphagnum moss. It contains a 20 year old tried and tested professional fertiliser and has the addition of a wetting agent to improve fertiliser uptake resulting in bumper crops time after time.



The biggest advantage of using VITAMIX PRO and most significant point is the main additional substrate namely FYTOCELL™ which is a perfect substrate for a faster and bigger growing crop. FYTOCELL™ has many features that only enhance what is already a great growing medium to raise the bar to a exceptional growing medium. The main features below are what the additional FYTOCELL™ bring to the party.


Size / Contents

• 50 litres
• T.B.C.

Fytocell Features

• Increase in available nutrient elements ( especially nitrogen and potassium )
• Water absorption capacity ( 60 % volume )
• Sterile
• Light weight
• Biodegradable
• Environmentally safe
• Increased pore volume
• Increased moisture capacity
• Finer rooting quality
• Better soil aeration
• Increased fresh and dry weight

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